Kiko Mizuhara Photographed by Lina Scheynius

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You, who takes oxygen from the universe,
and gives back carbon dioxide in return.

You, who basks in sunshine at seven in the morning,
and solidifies your bones with it.

You, whose parts are organs and tissues and cells and elements and molecules and stars.

One day, you will return the dust you’ve borrowed from this old, old universe.

But until then,

You are a piece of this moving everything.

And everything is not everything without you."

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New records came.

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"Why does even the best person hold back something from another? Why not say directly what we feel if we know that what we entrust won’t be scattered to the winds? As it is, everyone looks much tougher than he really is, as if he felt it’d be an insult to his feeling if he expressed them too readily."

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"Her mind is
racing, yet
she always
feels like she
finishes last."

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